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Hello, Thank you for taking the time to look at our page!

We have done our best to give you a peek into our story and life, but we do understand that we can’t possibly express everything about us on this page. As you can see we are not the “typical” family and that is ok with us. What we hope you will take away from this is that we are a unique, fun, adventure-loving family. We believe everything happens for a reason. Adoption has always been something we wanted to do as children. We both would talk to our parents about adopting when we got older. After trying unsuccessfully to conceive through fertility treatments, we know that we are meant to build our family through adoption. We are very fortunate to have friends who have adopted and they’ve showed us through sharing their lives with us that adoption is a very special way to create a family filled with unconditional love and support. Thank you for being brave enough to consider adoption for your baby. We know that this may not be your ideal story, but we honor you for making the tough choices. We hope to provide the love and support you need to make this process as smooth and easy as possible for you and your baby, no matter what decision you make.

Love, Casey & Dana


About us

We have been married for 3 years and have known each other for over 14. We met when we both started teaching at the same school. We started as best friends and our friendship grew into love. We are both public school teachers and love working with children. We love to travel, host events, explore our neighborhood with our dog, and spend time with friends and family.


Our home & family

We live in Charleston, SC. We love our home and neighborhood. Our street is full of diverse young families and lots of young children.We moved to our neighborhood because we were always spending time there at events. Now we are within walking distance to great restaurants, shops, parks, breweries, and schools. We have started many family traditions like; hosting Thanksgiving for our family and friends, hosting an annual ugly Christmas sweater party, and opening our house on Christmas Eve for friends who do not have family in the area. Casey's mom lives in Charleston as well. Most of Dana's family lives in New Jersey. We have 3 pets; 2 cats (Capers & Hunley) and a dog (Granger Lovegood).

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Fun facts about Casey & Dana

  • We love to listen to music and dance in the kitchen while making dinner.

  • We have season tickets to a local theater.

  • Dana was teacher of the year at her school and became one of the top 5 teachers in her district.

  • Every evening we play Question of the Day and Jeopardy with our Alexa.

  • Casey was the all time leading scorer for her high school basketball team.

  • Every Christmas we take our dog Granger and drive around to look at the lights while listening to Christmas music.

  • We watch a lot of baking and cooking shows.

  • We both have many tattoos. Two of Dana’s tattoos are in honor of her parents that have passed. Casey has a Harry Potter sleeve and we both have matching shovel tattoos.

Being a family means you are part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what.

In closing

We promise to raise our child in a house FULL of love. We promise to celebrate the big and small things in life. We promise to model by example that everyone deserves to be loved, respected, and treated equally. We promise to raise our child in a house with open communication and understanding. We promise to provide every opportunity for our child to grow, learn, and succeed. We promise to be open and honest with our child. We believe it’s important to discuss adoption with a child from an early age and we’re comfortable with whatever level of openness you’d like to have, whether it be exchanging photos, phone calls, emails, or visits.

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