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Welcome! We are Bryn, Heather, and Beckett.

As we sit here writing this letter, our hearts are filled with a range of emotions as we can only imagine yours is as well. We know that at this time you are making incomprehensible decisions about your future.  

Adoption has always been on our hearts and minds from the time we started dating. We were blessed to adopt our son, Beckett, in 2016. We know that this decision is not easy but we are amazed by the strength and courage you are demonstrating by considering adoption.   

This selfless love you are displaying is astounding and our hearts are overwhelmed that you would look at our profile. Thank you for taking time to read about us and for considering us. 

—Bryn, Heather, and Beckett

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About us

We have been married for 8 years and have known each other for over 14 years. We dated for almost 3 years before we were engaged. We are best friends. While we were dating, we talked about our goals and dreams. One of our dreams was to have a family. Adoption has always been a desire in both of our hearts, whether we were able to conceive or not. After a little while of trying and unable to conceive, we began our adoption journey in 2015. We brought our son Beckett home at the end of 2016. He is a joy! He is full of energy and curiosity. Our family loves to spend time outside. We spend a lot of our summer at the beach or traveling to explore new places.


As a family

We spend every Saturday doing family activities! Beckett loves to spend time with his friends at Little Gym where he can flip on bars, balance on the beams, and play ball! We love to spend time at the local museums and plantations. We love to keep busy but we also love to watch a family together!

Heather’s hobbies & interests

  • Interior design 

  • Playing the piano 

  • Art/Painting

Bryn’s hobbies & interests

  • Woodworking 

  • Home renovations 

  • Car shows 

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Fun facts about Heather

  • I had a pet squirrel growing up

  • I used to play in the band at school

  • I used to dance and wish I was still a ballerina

  • I did not like Bryn even as a friend when we first met. He won me over a couple of years later!

  • I applied to art school but decided not to pursue it.


Fun facts about Bryn

  • I choose American Sign Language as my second language in high school and college

  • I moved 12 times from the ages of 2 -17

  • I love to learn about everything

  • I took classes to become a dog trainer as a teenager 

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One last thank you

We want to thank you for spending your time with us and for learning more about us! Although we don’t know you we know you are making very big decisions. We are thinking and praying for you as you contemplate the next steps for your future. I hope you know you are brave, selfless, and amazing. The love you have for your child is immeasurable. Thank you again for reading our profile. If we get the chance to meet you, we look forward to meeting the wonderful person that you are!  

—Bryn, Heather, and Beckett