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Our story—family and faith mean everything.

John and I met for the first time nine years ago at a political event. We locked eyes and spent the whole evening in conversation. For months we talked over the phone getting to know one another. We knew we were meant to be and that our life journeys had brought us together. We have been inseparable ever since. We wake up each morning happy to be together and go to bed each night not ever wanting to be apart. We have a life blessed in so many ways and are praying that God will soon answer our prayer to adopt a child. We discussed early on our desire to have children together and the possibility of infertility preventing natural childbirth. After many doctors’ visits attempting to determine the cause of infertility and ultimately surgery, we realized that having a child naturally was not possible. We prayed a lot, and God spoke to us leading our hearts to adopt. We are looking forward to celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary this July!

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Why adoption?

Over the years, John and I discussed adoption as a way to grow our family. We want to help a child who needs a family and feel parenting a child is a special gift. John’s path to adoption began in college when he met his roommate who grew up in a children’s home and was never adopted. After hearing of the sense of longing to being adopted, John felt a tug at his heart and thought someday he might be in a position to make a difference in a child’s life through adoption. That thought went on hold until we met and he shared his desire to adopt a child, and I shared my infertility struggles. After many prayers and discussions, we felt an inner peace and excitement about pursuing this journey. We both feel we have a purpose in God’s plan to be parents to a child and raise them in a loving home. We are so excited to welcome a child into our heart.


Get to know us

John is a Computer Network Specialist for the business he started over 20 years ago. I worked for seven years as a project manager at a local hospital. Recently, God led me in a different direction. I was able to come to work full time for John’s business and work from home. We are blessed to have a successful business and work hard every day to maintain a healthy balance between work and time with our family. We enjoy doing things together especially a home cooked meal each night where we discuss our day around the dinner table. John loves the title “grill master,” and I make the side dishes. We like finding new recipes to try and cook them together. In the evening, we usually watch a show and read before we go to bed. John is into history while I like a wide variety of books. In the mornings, John makes the coffee while I make the bed. We help each other with household responsibilities. Our family includes Johns two daughters, Jessica & Abbie from a previous marriage, and our fabulous dog, Jack who keeps us entertained. We enjoy being actively involved in Jessica and Abbie's lives molding them into the lovely young ladies they have become.

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I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I ask of Him.
— 1 Samuel 1:27

Fun facts about Angela

  • Angela has some various funny nicknames as a child. Her grandfather called her Tiny Thing. Her aunt called her Peewinkle and her grandmother's hairdresser called her Apple. Abbie helped come up with the nickname of Angelina Josephina.

  • Angela started teaching herself to sew and has made several pillows and two sets of napkins so far.

  • Angela's favorite ice cream is Caramel Toffee Crunch and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Fun facts about John

  • John aspired to be an actor for a brief time in college and was an extra in several soap operas including General Hospital and Days of Our Lives.

  • John loves to chew double bubble gum at night while watching TV.

  • John likes to grow orchids. We have about twenty of them.

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Our home & community

We live in a peaceful neighborhood with friendly neighbors and many children. Our home is a two-story brick home with four bedrooms (plus a FROG) and four baths. We are in a central location in an area where the schools are rated excellent. Our school district is recognized nationally for exceptional academic achievements. There are lots of things to do from tons of shopping options to some wonderful restaurants, an amphitheater, church groups, baseball stadium, zoo, museums, tons of festivals, and markets. We have access to three major hospitals and numerous family medicine, internal medicine, pediatricians and other specialty groups.

Our friends and family are all very supportive of us in the adoption process. My best friend of 28 years and her husband has also decided to pursue adoption, and we couldn't be more thrilled to experience this journey together and be there for one another. We have also met other friends and friends of friends along the path that are adopting as well and are keeping in touch with each other.

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